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 About Us

This online directory is the brain child of a small band of dreamers.  We had the idea that maybe we could change the way people find stuff on the internet.  Maybe it doesn't have to be quite so complicated.  By simplifying the idea of 'searching' and by narrowing in on EXACTLY what someone is trying to find (image that!) we might actually come up with something useful.


Here are the myth-busting assumptions we set before ourselves:


  • There is a way to provide someone with a list of EXACTLY what they are looking for... and not a heap of debris generated by the highest paying SEO gimmick.
  • Companies, organizations, and people can be given an equal opportunity to be found.
  • People will appreciate finding EXACTLY what they are looking for... and will want to join the cause by adding their favorite vendor, by advertising the site, by telling friends, and by joining the team that makes it all work.
  • We can do all of this and provide the service for FREE.  (if wikipedia can do it, so can we!)



  So... How much does it cost to get listed on this directory?  It is
  free.  Mow much?!?!  Free.  (yes, I said FREE)


  So, does this service replace the need for SEO?  It helps, but it
  does not completely replace the need for other good SEO practices. 
  Read more - Click Here.


  Are you trying to compete with Google?  No!  We love Google.  And

  we need Google and other search engines. 
  Read more.  Click here.


The challenge was laid before us in 2010.  The journey began in the beginning of 2011.  And if the Lord continues to bless this venture, we hope to bring you much more to the story in the near future.  (Psalm 1:1-3)


Send us an email or use the comment page to let us know what you are thinking about ExactlyDat.com!




- The ExactlyDat.com Team




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Search our site using our search engine... click here


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I love the fact that I can get free SEO for my company. I am self employed and don't have a lot of cash to spend to promote my business. Paying for a website is hard enough sometimes, but it looks as if this company provides a real cost effective option that I will have to look into now that I have found them.


AAPEX : 2/9/2011

Glad to see this new search system getting off to a good start!

anonymous : 2/8/2011

ExactlyDat.com website launched 2/6/2011.  A tool for the people, by the people.  Please help us make this a better place for all!

The TEAM : 2/6/2011

Help build our team
We need your help to reach our next level of success.  We are looking for business developers, entrepreneurs, site administrators, and good old fashoned door-to-door salesmen/saleswomen.  If you would like to be considered for this exciting opportunity, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Peregrine Associates

Professional Advertising and Marketing Services since 1987.  Logos, branding, websites, and more.

Backyard Marketing Group

We find your TARGET customers!

Criminal Thinking

Bringing about change.

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